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Have you heard about Astrotourism? The new trend in luxury travel

Astrotourism, distinguished by its emphasis on observing celestial phenomena in untouched, unpolluted settings, presents travelers with a unique chance to marvel at the mysteries of the universe while immersing themselves in the untouched beauty of remote landscapes.


Moreover, astrotourism holds the potential to encourage cultural exchange and a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Experiences under the dark sky often integrate aspects of local folklore, cuisine, and traditional customs, enriching the traveler’s journey with a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between humanity and the cosmos.


Indeed, astrotourism transcends mere observation of celestial bodies; it is also a voyage of learning and enlightenment. Grassroots initiatives aimed at preserving and restoring the nocturnal environment are vital for the success of dark sky experiences, ensuring that forthcoming generations can continue to marvel at the cosmic wonders.


According to experts, the appeal of astrotourism lies in its capacity to evoke feelings of wonder and amazement, providing a stark contrast to the increasingly digitalized world we inhabit.

Where should one go to embark on this celestial adventure?

From seaside luxury water villas with retractable roofs in the Maldives to treehouse star beds in South Africa’s Lion Sands, the perfect places for astrotourism are as diverse as the celestial wonders they showcase.


Join us to discover some magical places to experience your first luxury Astrotourism trip!

Picture Credits to: Olena Art

Nayara Alto Atacama

- Atacama Desert, Chile

Observe the Milky Way in a privileged, low-light environment! Situated between Chile’s Cordillera de la Sal and beneath the ancient fortress of Pukara de Quitor, Nayara Alto Atacama is an exclusive retreat that seamlessly integrates with its desert natural surroundings. This eco-friendly resort connects guests with the planet and with themselves.


As night falls, you can enjoy the clearest views of the renowned Atacama desert sky from a private outdoor observation platform or by a bonfire with a glass of Chilean wine in hand.

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

- Maui, Hawaii, USA

Embark on a cultural and culinary adventure led by a Hawaiian navigator that promises an immersive experience beneath the stars.

Guided by the esteemed female navigator Kala Baybayan Tanaka aboard a private Trilogy catamaran, this journey provides insight into the ancient Polynesian techniques of navigating using the stars, ocean swells, and natural elements—a captivating voyage back in time. Indulge in a multi-course menu inspired by traditional canoe plants, expertly crafted and elegantly served onboard by Four Seasons Maui Chef Samual Taganeca.

This experience offers guests a glimpse into the origins of Hawaii, delving into the stories of Kala’s Polynesian ancestors who traversed the open ocean relying solely on celestial navigation and natural cues aboard a voyaging canoe.

Picture Credits to: Four Seasons Maui at Wailea

Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island, Canada

Nestled on the edge of a rugged island off the coast of Newfoundland stands the renowned Fogo Island Inn, a masterpiece crafted by Norwegian architect Todd Saunders.


Fogo Island has evolved into a sanctuary for artists from across the globe, drawn to its captivating modern studios that fuel creativity. If weather permits, the island’s untamed terrain provides a dramatic canvas for witnessing the mesmerizing dance of the Aurora Borealis.


Perched atop a rocky cliff, this timber-clad haven boasts just 29 distinct rooms, each adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows that frame panoramic vistas of the mighty North Atlantic.


During your stay, unwind in rooftop hot tubs, savor live music in the lounge, explore the on-site art gallery, and with a bit of luck, marvel at the Northern Lights painting the night sky with ethereal hues from the cozy confines of your room.

Milaidhoo Island Maldives

- Baa Atoll, Maldives

At Milaidhoo in the Maldives, guests have the exclusive opportunity to indulge in a secluded sandbank sleepout experience, immersing themselves in the untouched beauty of their own private oasis under the vast expanse of stars.


Transformed into a luxurious retreat, the sandbank boasts all the comforts of a Villa, featuring a canopy-covered four-poster bed adorned with flowing muslin drapes. As you drift off to sleep beneath the serene twinkle of Milaidhoo’s stars, experience a sense of unparalleled tranquility and intimacy.


The brilliance of the night sky takes on a new dimension on this remote island, as stars punctuate the darkness with their radiant glow. Witness this breathtaking spectacle on a sunset cruise or from the sandbanks themselves, where you can also indulge in a magnifique dinner and wake up to a special sunrise breakfast.


With lavish amenities mirroring those of the nearby Milaidhoo villas, including plush accommodations and attentive service, rest assured of a rejuvenating and unforgettable night’s sleep in this idyllic setting.

Soneva Fushi Maldives

- Baa Atoll, Maldives

Soneva Fushi was the first ‘Robinson Crusoe-style’ hideaway, opened in 1995 on the Baa Atoll. It boasts 70 villas and private residences, along with 8 overwater villas, nestled amidst lush nature, within close proximity to a pristine UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserve. The service provided is facilitated by personal assistants who we assure you know what you want, even before you do!


Here, you could enjoy a clear sky where observes all the splendour of the firmament, and also enjoy unique experiences as an Astronomical Dinner Cruise.

This extraordinary experience begins at sunset, featuring a four-course meal paired with wines. Here, a resident Astronomer will lead you on a journey through the marvels of the night sky, unveiling the secrets of the cosmos that shimmer above.

Picture Credits to: Soneva Fushi

Nara Nest, Sonara Camp

- Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, UAE

Sonara introduces a revolutionary eco-luxury desert hospitality concept centered around “Nests” as its main feature. Described as providing a tranquil and innovative sleeping experience, these Nests are the creation of award-winning Architect Gianni Ranaulo, offering unforgettable nights in the desert.


Designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding desert landscape, the dune-shaped Nests provide a natural and harmonious connection with the environment.


Each Nest is equipped with an ensuite bathroom and private terrace. Featuring a double bed as standard, there is also the option to accommodate additional guests with an extra bed, catering to a total of 2 adults and 2 children.


To enhance your stay, immerse yourself in the Sky Safari, an educational adventure in astronomy intertwined with the rich history and heritage of the Arab World. Explore and observe galaxies, stars, nebulas, and planets against the backdrop of the desert sky.


Lion Sands Game Reserve

- Kruger National Park, South Africa

Lion Sands stands out as a top-tier private reserve within the Greater Kruger, offering exclusive access to the Sabie River, a privilege unmatched by any other.


At Tinga Lodge, discover the exquisite Tinyeleti Treehouse, aptly named meaning ‘many stars’, owing to the unparalleled stargazing opportunities it provides.


As the sun dips below the horizon, sip on a refreshing drink while witnessing wildlife gather at the Sabie River just beneath your deck. Indulge in a romantic dinner for two before retiring for the night, enveloped by a canopy of stars above and the symphony of the bush below.


During the treehouse experience, guests are treated to remarkable wildlife sightings, including encounters with the iconic Big Five, including include mating leopards, rhino, Cape clawless otters, buffalo, elephants and lions. The following day, guests can choose to sleep in or embark on a morning game drive, ensuring an unforgettable safari adventure.

Picture Credits to: Kuoni

Bonus: The Red Sea, Six Senses Southern Dunes

- Saudi Arabian Alnesai Desert

The Red Sea in Saudi Arabia is proactively taking steps to preserve its pristine dark nights for travelers. As part of this initiative, extensive nighttime assessments have been conducted to evaluate existing darkness conditions and mitigate light pollution.


Luxury resorts like the Six Senses Southern Dunes are emerging in the region, offering desert stargazing experiences that delve into Arabian astronomical heritage.


Visitors can now delve deeper into the mysteries of the night sky alongside local astronomers. Beyond witnessing the awe-inspiring spectacle of a star-filled sky, guests will gain insights into the intricate relationship between the celestial realm and life on earth.


The ultimate goal for the Red Sea is to establish the world’s largest International Dark Sky Reserve, ensuring that future generations can continue to marvel at the beauty of the cosmos in this breathtaking region.

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Picture Credits to: Sleeper Magazine

No matter if you’re in the Arctic Circle, Hawaii, or South Africa, the chance to immerse yourself in the wonders of the cosmos is ever-present.


As we gaze towards the future, the luxury hospitality sector continues to offer incredible opportunities to reconnect with nature and ancient traditions, all while maintaining a sense of glamour and impeccable standards in travel.


Embrace the opportunity to live out extraordinary experiences, pack your bags, leave the city lights behind, and set off on a journey to rediscover the enchantment of the night sky!

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