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How much would you pay for a piece of Moon?

Explore with us 10 of the world's most expensive objects

The object, this tangible and visible thing that human beings accumulate, is it always necessary and at what price? There are millions of them, some more useful than others, from the simplest to the rarest, we have compiled here a list of the most explosive.


Be careful ! You may not believe your eyes, but your concierge will confirm that this list is real

A fragment of moon from Morocco

Just over a year ago, Christie’s, the international auction house, put up for sale the fifth largest known moon fragment to date, valued at £2 million.


The piece presented would have crashed to earth during the great meteorite shower that fell on the western Saharan borders, Algeria and Mauritania. A very rare piece and an unforgettable experience to hold in your hands a piece from another world.

most expensive luxury objects
Credits to: Christie's

To'ak chocolate, the most refined chocolate in the world

Have you ever taken a bite at $9,000 a Kg? 


That’s the promise of T’oak chocolate, always carefully packaged with a note of explanation, smelling and tasting divine like a grand cru. 


But why is it the most expensive chocolate in the world ? What makes it so different from the rest? 

most expensive luxury
Credits to: Journal de luxe

This exceptional chocolate is eco-designed from the oldest cocoa in the world, the “cacao nacional”, which is now endangered. A forest conservation project has been carried out by the company since 2007 in order to continue making the best chocolate in the world.


Also, these little gustatory wonders are entirely handmade, without any chemical product. You should also know that with To’ak, the farmers are paid 8 times more than others. 


We don’t know about you, but at Label Concierge we would love to pick a little bar. 

Take your yoga practice to the next level with the Chakracarma mat

Handcrafted from vegetable-tanned leather and studded with precious stones (diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, amber, opal and carnelian), the mat’s mission is to help activate the chakras and thus offer a luxurious healing experience. Ranging from $15,000 to $100,000 USD, its price varies depending on the carats, engravings and dedications.

Credits to: The peak Magazine

Bugatti's carbon fiber pool table

Bugatti has branched out into lifestyle by unveiling its pool table designed to the same standards as the automobile.  Finished in carbon fiber, equipped with a new self-leveling technology, specially designed to play on all surfaces, even the most moving ones such as on a yacht, this work of art was manufactured in a limited series for the modest sum of 250000€.

Credits to: Bugatti

The first drone capable of carrying a human being

Ehang 1884 is the first drone able to carry a human being on board but also the most expensive drone in the world.


Estimated between $200,000 and $300,000, it is still being perfected. The Chinese company behind it plans to carry passengers in the near future and make it a mode of public transportation by 2030.

Credits to: Futura Science

The most shocking detail: the golden toilet paper

Delivered in a single copy, this famous toilet paper roll will allow you to spend your money in a big way.


For the sum of 1.558.335 €, a bottle of champagne will also be delivered as a gift ! As it is consumed, 24-karat gold flakes will fall to the ground for a higher level of sophistication.

Credits to:

The most exclusive rum from the Dictador x M-city collab

Dictador, a company offering premium rums based in Cartagena, Colombia, has appointed Polish artist M-City to create a unique beverage in a 24-karat gold bottle.


Each bottle will cost well into the seven figures and the edition will end once the total exceeds $1 billion.

An exceptional Monopoly edition: 23k Gold

2,000,000€ is the highest price that has ever been paid for a certain edition of Monopoly. Fans should be aware that the game is made of gold and diamonds.


This version of the famous board game offers a 23-carat gold board, the houses and hotels are made of solid gold, decorated with rubies and sapphires on the chimneys, and the dots on the dice to represent the numbers are made of diamonds

monopoly 24k gold most expensive
Credits to: Know Insiders

The Heintzman &Co. crystal piano from the Beijing Olympics

Bought at auction for a record $3.22 million, the piano used for the 2008 Beijing Olympics is the most expensive piano in the world. It would have been used only once during the ceremony and it is the artist Lang Lang who had the honor to live and make live this magic moment.

Credits to: French luxe

The One-cent Magenta, the mythical stamp

Issued in former British Guiana in 1856 following a stamp shortage in the colony, the authorities decided to issue two provisional vignettes, including the One-cent Magenta.


Rich in history, it was in 2014 that designer Stuart Weissman acquired it for the modest sum of $9.2 million. Today we find it in the Washington museum.

Most exclusive items stamp
Most expensive items Stamp
Credits to: Sotheby's

What about you, what would you like to obtain ? 


If the object of your dreams is not in this list, it is probably in a corner of your concierge‘s mind. Contact us for more gift ideas to offer.

Has any item come to your mind while reading this article?

We are the leading find-seekers on luxury good market.

Has any item come to your mind while reading this article?

We are the leading find-seekers on luxury good market.

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