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Exclusive Hideaway & Wellness retreat in the heart of Crans-Montana

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Your Wellness Retreat at LeCrans

Located above Crans-Montana mountain resort, on the edge of a peaceful alpine forest, LeCrans is bathed in resplendent sunshine and crystal-clear skies, with breathtaking views of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps.


Its alpine heaven brings together an unparalleled combination of location, environment, and hospitality in a unique atmosphere of refined warmth, restorative tranquility and discerning care.

LeCrans Aerial View Surroundings

From the moment every client arrive, their bodies start to connect to the restorative qualities of the natural surroundings.

From the pure glacial water through to the natural timber construction of our mountain eyrie, the surroundings of LeCrans bring an unparalleled sense of peace and calm, cleansing and absorbing negative energy, and providing the body and mind with the ideal conditions in which to heal and rejuvenate.

An Oasis of Serenity in a busy World

LeCrans occupies a unique space in the landscape of wellbeing and healthcare, offering an unparalleled combination of elements, spanning the ages and crossing continents.

Drawing on ancient health-based knowledge and allying it with contemporary cutting-edge life science, LeCrans offers a unique route to true self-care, helping you provide a balance between the needs of body and spirit.

LeCrans Outdoor Heated Pool

Your Unique Wellness

Each path to wellness is unique. The 7-day programs work in concert with the daily tempo and flows of energy through the organs.

Each program combines treatments and therapies with a personalized diet and individualized fitness program tailored to your specific wellness needs and goals, as part of the journey to detox and re-energize your body and mind. 

Le Mont Blanc Restaurant, LeCrans

The LeCrans multidimensional approach helps to prevent future health issues and seasonal illness, and can alleviate the negative reverberations of a wide range of existing maladies, from general stress, to burnout or injury.

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Every program go deeper to address the effects of serious chronic and genetic illnesses and conditions.

After your first visit, you’ll already begin to feel the effects of a deep physical and mental transformation, the burgeoning sensation of how a healthy body is supposed to feel, and a confidence in your capacity to build on this potential.

A personalised lifestyle experience where each step is a new chapter on your path to wellness.

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