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The reasons why you should book your winter holiday now

Haven’t booked your winter trip yet? Even if it seems like a long way off, you have everything to gain by planning your flights, accommodations and activities without waiting. We’ll tell you why. 

1. Designing an ultra-customized vacation

Because every client is unique

From restaurant reservations to tailor-made activities, from chefs and drivers to villa rentals and daily personal assistance, Label Concierge offers you ultra-personalized travel. The earlier you book, the more time we will have to design a trip that best suits you and your expectations. We will create the trip of your dreams.

2. It allows you to pine away

Your chance to get the best venues

By booking today, you can already look forward to your new vacation as soon as you finish your summer vacation. This is a good motivation to get back to work! You know where you are going this winter and your mind is more at ease, so you can approach the beginning of the new school year more serenely.

3. Be the first on a new destination

We bring you the latest trends

A new hotel, a new chalet, a secret address …. Be the first to know and the first to get there. Thanks to Label Concierge, you will discover the new addresses not to be missed this winter. 

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4. Benefit from the best offers and availability

Secure the best experiences in key dates

Some popular restaurants are even fully booked 3 months in advance. You can also afford to be a little more demanding when it comes to choosing your table or the view by getting there early. Finally, prices are generally more interesting when you are predictable, especially if you are traveling in a group, the difference can quickly be felt. This saving could well allow you to enjoy your stay more.

5. Take the time to get informed about the regulations in force

Let us help you with all the steps needed

Before considering a trip, especially in times of pandemic, crisis or conflict, it is necessary to gather a certain amount of information before leaving. Current events have largely affected our relationship with travel.


In order to avoid stress, let your concierge find out about border openings, reception formalities, local restrictions and the health situation of the country.


Your concierge is on the lookout for these details and will advise you on the risks of traveling to a particular country.

Label Concierge asks the right questions for you: Are airlines regularly insured for this destination? Does the destination require vaccination? Is a PCR test necessary?

In addition, we always offer flexible cancellation conditions.

Booking as soon as possible is the best way to ensure that you get the best addresses at the best prices. Leave with a free mind, contact us without further delay so that we can reveal our most confidential addresses and the best conditions. 

¡Don’t forget that our travel designers are at your disposal to prepare your trip in complete serenity, book in the best restaurants, live unique experiences or have priority access to the most exclusive sports and musical events!

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