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This winter surprise your kids with these unique experiences

This winter surprise your kids with these unique experiences

As the winter season approaches, we are excited to share with you a series of incredible experiences that will leave your children wide-eyed with wonder.

Our mission is to create memories that will last a lifetime, and we are thrilled to take you on a journey through these charming adventures with your kids.

Because fun doesn’t have to be just for adults!

1. Private Behind-the-Scenes Warner Bros. Studio Tour

- Hollywood, LA, California

Get ready to be dazzled as we take you behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows and movies at the iconic Warner Bros. Studio backlot. Imagine strolling down the very streets where Hollywood magic happens.

A great family experience to immerse in the rich history of cinema as you walk through the filming sets that have brought countless iconic movies and series to life. From Harry Potter and Animal Beasts scenarios to DC Superheroes and supervillains sets, this experience is a journey through the time and space of the silver screen.

Lights, camera, action! It’s all here!

warner bros private tour
Credits to: Wizarding world

2. Hawaiian Ranch Cowboy Experience

- Maui, Hawaii

Yeehaw! Embrace your inner cowboy during a private upcountry experience led by famous ranchers. Share a family a horseback ride, learn the art of outdoor cooking, and discover the secrets of the cowboy trade. It’s a unique immersion in the wild west of Maui.

Explore the rich and fascinating history of cowboy culture in Maui as you venture into stunning landscapes. From majestic mountains to rolling prairies, every moment in this experience brings you closer to the authenticity of wild old life!

3. Jungle Cinema Experience

- Vakkaru Maldives, Baa Atoll

Indulge in a cinematic adventure perfect for the whole family to relish, featuring unlimited soft drinks and popcorn. The resort’s Jungle Cinema, tucked away in a secluded central spot on the island, promises a tropical paradise.

Choose from a variety of movie genres, with two screenings each evening. Snuggle into oversized bean bags or sprawl out on the generous daybed as you immerse yourself in the magic of your favorite stars on the grand screen.

Alternatively, you can also indulge in the Jungle Dinner & Movie Experience for an unforgettable night with a curated set menu dinner to enhance the experience.

It’s a cinematic adventure like no other!

Jungle Cinema kids experience
Credits to: Vakkaru Maldives 

4. Little Pirates Treasure Hunt

- Cheval Blanc, Randheli

Time for young adventurers! Here the little ones will join a treasure hunt filled with puzzles and clues in the beautiful tropical garden of Maison Cheval Blanc. Equipped with telescopes, compasses, and pirate hats, the kids will become true treasure hunters, searching for the gold and precious stones hidden by Captain Cheval Blanc.

This exciting treasure hunt is a journey back in time that allows children to immerse themselves in the era of pirates. They will discover the intriguing history of a legendary captain while exploring the secret corners of Maison Cheval Blanc, making this experience both educational and fun.

Credits to: Cheval Blanc

5. Sleep in a Teepee - Good Night and Sweet Dreams

- Baie des Flamands, Saint-Barthélemy

As the sun sets over Flamands Bay, your little explorers can snuggle up in cozy teepees and share bedtime rituals. Choose a dream companion, enjoy hot milk with honey, and listen to enchanting bedtime stories. It’s a night of sweet dreams and cherished memories.

The magic of this experience lies in its simplicity and connection to nature. Sleeping under the starry sky of St. Barth, children experience the wonder of the night and the beauty of the island in a unique and exciting way.

sleep in a teepee kids experiences
Credits to: Cheval Blanc

6. Na Pali Coast Helicopter Tour with Waterfall Landing

- Kauai, Hawaii

Take your gaze above the stunning landscapes of Kauai on a helicopter tour like no other. Marvel at the breathtaking views of Mana Waiapuna, also known as “Jurassic Park Falls,” and the impressive Waimea Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” It’s an adventure your family will treasure forever.

Discover the majesty of nature at its finest as you soar over waterfalls, lush green mountains, and rugged canyons. The waterfall landing is the highlight of this experience, where you can feel the freshness of Kauai’s crystal-clear waters. An aerial experience your children will never forget!

hawaian helicopter family experiences
Credits to: Blue Hawaiian

7. Family Olympic Games

- Cheval Blanc, Randheli Private Island

Get ready for a day of family fun on the beach! Join us for Olympic-style games, from “Pop My Balloon” to Tug-of-War, on the pristine beaches of Randheli. After friendly competition, relax with a healthy refreshment during our awards ceremony.

These games not only promote cooperation and family fun but also provide an opportunity for all members to come together in a relaxed and beautiful environment. After the laughter and competition, enjoy moments of relaxation and togetherness in an idyllic setting.

Credits to: Beaches

8. The Ultimate Playground for Little Explorers

- Miavana Madagascar

If you’re thinking about planning a getaway that offers the best of the best for every family member, Madagascar awaits you. At Miavana Madagascar, all family members are in luck. While adults enjoy the beauty of the luxurious surroundings, beaches, and relaxation of this wonderful place, children can also enjoy a comprehensive experience where every detail matters.

Here, children can choose from a wide range of activities, from underwater adventures like snorkeling and diving to land explorations, lemur treks, and even tree planting. It’s an educational and fun-filled experience for children of all ages, where the little ones will become environmental advocates and nature lovers.

This winter surprise your kids with these unique experiences
Credits to: Miavana

From exploring the secrets of Hollywood to cowboy adventures in Maui and starlit cinema nights in the Maldives, each experience promises magical moments.

Join us on these exciting journeys and let’s create unforgettable memories together. Let’s make this winter a season your children will cherish forever!

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Experience something extraordinary with your family on your next getaway. Enjoy the best conditions by booking in advance with us

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