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Luxury in the air: eccentricity or majesty?

One of the main reasons to acquire a private jet is the enormous amount of time in flight that their users must invest in their lives. For this reason, adapting it to the taste of each owner usually becomes the biggest priority.

The possibilities are endless if you have an eye for imagination and a clear sense of your true necessities on a flight. Are you curious to see some of the lushest designs ever made?



Take a look at 3 of the world’s most prestigious private jets



Business never sleeps:


When your priority is your business and time is an imperative factor, taking your company with you wherever you need to go can be the key to having everything under control. That’s why our first choice on this list is the Boeing Business Jet BBJ.

A very versatile type of aircraft that can be purchased with a configurable layout and size. More than 50 passengers can sit on this magnificent private jet, which gives us an idea of its size.



Interior BBJ Bussiness

Picture by: Jet aviation



Designed especially for business operations and the executive crowd. Several features are included in the design, such as a large conference room, separate dining area, a washroom with a shower, and a master bedroom with a king-sized bed.

A major plus is that private jet owners and VIP state users can pilot them, which is always welcome.



Feeling like a Royal:


The Airbus A380 SuperJumbo is one of the world’s most expensive custom jets to date. Despite having just been built two years ago, it was designed and laid out to look like a palace in terms of its amenities.

The most striking aspect of the interior of this private aircraft is the high-end materials and high-quality furniture, which make the decor brimming with elegance, with gold as the main focus.

As with the previous one, it has a boardroom, and plenty of space for passengers to move around, but what makes it unusual are the additions that you wouldn’t expect to find on an airplane.



Picture by:  Luxury Launches


With the Spa and Turkish bath integrated into the interior, this amazing Airbus makes the journey as pleasant as possible. In case that wasn’t enough, classical music enthusiasts will delight in the fact that there is an air-conditioned concert hall where you can enjoy playing multiple pianos or perhaps even enjoying a private performance in the air.

Besides, we did not want to forget something vital, we know that privacy is the most important value for this type of traveller, so no matter where you go, you can be confident that your car will be parked safely in its garage and disembark with you. From the skies to the street in the most discrete manners.



Enjoying at pure heaven:


This aircraft was designed with clear intentions in mind. Versatility, style, comfort, privacy, spaciousness, relaxation, and at the same time, a place to relax and have fun.

That’s why the AIRBUS 340 causes a jaw-dropping sensation wherever it goes. It should not surprise us that, like its brother, the 380 model in the previous paragraph, it had a vast amount of gold, bright colours, precious stones in its furnishings.

The rooms are clearly differentiated. Anything but boring, the decoration of this aircraft combines the use of different textures and layers of materials that break with any traditional design and flee from established patterns and fashions.

Through the use of gold lines, which provide the finishing touch of maximum luxury and distinction to the plane’s private rest areas and living room, the curvatures of the private jet are fluidly integrated and separate the rooms from one another.



Picture by: Celia Sawyer


But the highlight of this complete jet is that it has a gorgeous large nightclub. Having a party room in your own plane is a delight, but this club seems from another planet. 

Its exquisite décor achieves an enveloping charm for the senses through the use of electric blue, gold and gemstone chandeliers, custom handcrafted Tuscan leather seating, and silk and velvet textures lining the room.


Final thoughts


Answering our initial question. Excess or majesty? In our opinion, majesty is the clear winner. Each one of the three chosen are magnanimous to different tastes, but what is clear is that they exude a luxury that will never go out of style. 

What do you think? Can you imagine yourself enjoying them on board? Would you add new features?


Please, let us know your thoughts on it, we can’t wait to read you in the comments! 

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