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Hermès: an indestructible legend

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One cannot help but marvel at the name of this great French luxury brand. In a sector dominated by large industrial groups such as LVMH, Kering and Richemont, Hermès stands out as a family business with over 180 years of history.

The story of a family business where high standards and boldness are the keywords

The ingenuity of Thierry Hermès, the founder of the company, was rewarded in 1867 with his incomparable quality harnesses.


Thirty years after he began working as a master harness-maker, his passion and talent earned him a first-class medal at the Universal Exhibition. This distinction opened the doors to the elite.



In 1878, Thierry Hermès’ son, Charles-Émile Hermès, succeeded his father and developed the leather goods business. At the end of the 19th century, Hermès expanded into leather bags, pouches, belts, gloves and saddlebags for horsemen. The “Sac Haut à Courroie” launched in 1892 was a great success.

Timeline history hermès
Hermès company development timeline
Graphism made by: Mélanie Latouche

From generation to generation, six in all, the know-how and refinement endures. The house counts among its very wealthy clientele, Tsar Nicolas II, the King of Romania, maharajas and other personalities from all over the world. 

From the beginning of the 20th century, the family adapted to economic and technological developments in order to meet the needs of an increasingly wealthy clientele in search of ostentatious luxury.

As a result, Hermès turned to furniture, clothing, accessories and luggage.

The emblematic Hermès

In 1892, Thierry Hermès created the “Haut à courroies” bag, which was originally designed for horsemen and made in a large format to carry equestrian equipment.

Harnessess Saddles and Haut a courroies, Hermès

Credits to: @mwequestrian

It now exists in handbag size but is best known for its travel size of 45 to 60 cm. Year after year, it continues to increase in value, making it an essential fashion item, with an average price ranging from 6000 to 45000€ depending on the colour and finish of the leather.

Birkin details - graphism
Birkin Bag details
Graphism made by: Mélanie Latouche

The Kelly

The Kelly was designed by Robert Dumas in the 1930’s, inspired by the high belt model, it was originally called a “travel handbag” then a “high belt bag” or “small high bag”.

It was in 1956 that the luxury house renamed it “Kelly” when the Princess of Monaco appeared in the press with what was to become the brand’s timeless and emblematic bag.

grace kelly in hollywood with kelly bag credits to allan grant
Grace Kelly in Hollywood wearing her Kelly bag
Credits to: Allan grant

It takes more than 20 hours of work to make this iconic fashion piece, which comes in eight sizes from 15 to 50 cm and costs between €7,000 and €220,000 to buy.

The Birkin

The Birkin was born in 1984 when Jean-Louis Dumas and the actress Jane Birkin met on a plane from Paris to London. JLD designed her ideal bag, perfect for day or evening.  

Made in four sizes: 32, 45, 55 or 60 cm. 

birkin bag handbag
birkin bag handbag
Jane Birkin and the iconic Birkin bag model with her name

It is difficult to estimate the value of these pieces as they are so rare. A bag from the house can sometimes even exceed a million euros for some if they are encrusted with diamonds.

The waiting lists are long, but Label Concierge is an expert in the field, and will find the nugget you’ve been dreaming of.

Hermès on the arms of international stars

The stars are all crazy about the Kelly or the Birkin! From Laureen Bacall to Christine Lagarde, Julia Roberts, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria or Kris Jenner, the most addicted is undoubtedly Victoria Beckham who has more than a hundred in her dressing room!

celebrities 3
celebrities 1
celebrities 2
celebrities 3
celebrities 2
Victoria Beckam (on the left), Jennifer Lopez (in the middle) and Kris Jenner (on the right) styling theirHernès Bags 

Credits to:
Victoria Beckam (on the left), Jennifer Lopez (in the middle) and Kris Jenner (on the right) styling theirHernès Bags 

Credits to:

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